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Introduction is a family website initiated by Dr. Fawzi Kabbara, whereby you can get information about one of the largest families in Tripoli Lebanon, along with its history, public figures, professionals, pictures, as well as its executive committee members and activities.


Sheikh Salaheddine Kabbara was a famous Quraan recital

KABBARA family originated in Morocco and moved to Lebanon where its members settled in Tripoli while another part of the family settled in Beirut and named themselves Tabbara. Here you'll learn about the people in our family.
KABBARA organization (registration number 424) was established in Tripoli on 1946 by the former deputy Mr. Salem Kabbara, who formed the basic rules for the organization. He worked on gathering infrmation and helping to solve various issues between the family members.
KABBARA Organization's goals are:
  • Encouraging the cooperation between family members
  • strengthening family members' relationships
  • Helping to improve the educational and economic level of the needy family members

Below you can find the names and contacts of the Executive Committee, Public Servants, as well as a categorized list of the Family Prfessionls.
Kabbara Executive Committee:
Mohammad Bashir Kabbara (03-931033) President
Abdul-Razzak Jihad Kabbara Vice President
Fawaz Bourhan Kabbara (03-742401) Treasury
Yasser Ahmad Walid Kabbara Trustee
Bilal Abdul Latif Kabbara Accountant 
Ahmad Maan Abdul-Ghani Kabbara Member
Nouhad Izzat Kabbara Member
Samer Nazih Kabbara (03-570707) Member
Nidal Hachem Kabbara Member
Kabbara Public Servant:
Mohammad Abdul Latif Kabbara (03-730700) Parliament Member
Moustafa Salah Aldin Kabbara (03-720036) Notary Public
Ammar Fadel Kabbara (03-363506) Tripoli Municipality Member
Abdallah Moukhtar Kabbara El Mina Municipality Member
Kabbara Pharmacists:
Ammar Fadel Kabbara (03-363506)
Ghina Hasib Kabbara (03-355293)
Wissam Karim Kabbara
Sara Ahmad Kabbara
Yasser Ahmad Kabbara
Kabbara Doctors:
Hasib Rashad Kabbara (03-619654) Surgent
Samir Adib Kabbara (03-883133) Pediatric
Mohammad Bassam Youssef Kabbara (03-763193) Urologist
Moudrek Nasser Kabbara (06-625991) Radiologist
Nadia Mohammad Hashem Kabbara (03-493165) General
Wasef Issam Kabbara (03-339585) General
Zeina Issam Kabbara (03-425762) General
Nabil Mohammad Kabbara (03-359226) General
Husni Mohammad Medhat Kabbara (06-433403) General
Samer Nazih Kabbara (03-570707) General
Mohammad Samir Kabbara (03-572885) General
Kabbara Dentists:
Nabil Ahmad Kabbara (03-188636)
Rami Samir Kabbara (03-705838)
Bassam Ashraf Kabbara (03-430334)
Samara Taha Kabbara (06-615477)
Mounzer Fawzi Kabbara (03-228040)
Jihad Fouad Mohammad Kabbara (03-547191)
Fadi Kabbara
Kabbara Lawyers:
Salem Ahmad Kabbara
Fawaz Salem Kabbara (03-381500)
Bassam Shawkat Kabbara (03-704590)
Nadia Fawzi Kabbara (03-754572)
Abdul Meneem Kabbara (03-907356)
Miriam Patricia Hasib Kabbara (03-052629)
Nazih Adib Kabbara (06-440009)
Ashraf Aref Kabbara
Kabbara Architects:
Abdalla Abdul Latif Kabbara (03-155007)
Salam Nazih Kabbara (03-343105)
Ossama Shawkat Kabbara (03-230908)
Fadi Nabil Kabbara (03-366952)
Abdalla Izzat Kabbara (03-780552)
Samir Hashem Kabbara (70-111156)
Rabih Bashir Kabbara
Samir Hachem Kabbara
Wadih Nasser Kabbara
Hamed Saadi Kabbara
Mohammad Ossama Kabbara
Kabbara Civil Engineers:
Hashem Saadi Kabbara (03-731877)
Khaled Mohammad Kabbara (03-22985)
Abdul Kader Nuhad Kabbara (03-225240)
Wassim Ahmad Kabbara (03-589259)
Gaith Thafer Kabbara (03-171540)
Mounzer Nasser Kabbara (03-358712)
Kheireddine Nasser Kabbara (03-589005)
Rashad Omar Kabbara (03-349263)
Rasha Rami Kabbara (03-604061)
Lina Omar Kabbara (03-785371)
Khaled Kamel Kabbara
Rami Lutfi Kabbara (03-848319)
Radwan Abdul-Salam Kabbara
Tarek Badul-Latif kabbara
Maan Thafer Kabbara
Rabih Samir Kabbara
Bassem Abdul-Rahman Kabbara
Kabbara Electrical Engineers:
Rashi Salim Kabbara
Bassam Abdul Ghani Kabbara (03-493165)
Amer Medhat Kabbara
Ghassan Fadel Kabbara
Abdalla Abdul Salam Kabbara (03-970674)
Abdul SatarAhmad Kabbara
Mawaheb Thafer Kabbara (03-887488)
Azam Mehideine Kabbara (03-445407)
Hazem Mousrafa Kabbara
Malek Samih Kabbara (03-521448)
Riyad AL Jihad Kabbara (03-138249)
Nizar Husni Kabbara
Wael Walid Kabbara
Ali Mohammad Kabbara
Ahmad Ghassan Kabbara
Samir Ahmad Kabbara (03-303795)
Abdul-Hameed Safwan Kabbara
Kabbara Mechanical Engineers:
Saed Salem Kabbara (03-446844)
Hilal Salah El Din Kabbara
Samer Walid Mohammad Kabbara (03-932345)
Yehya Fawzi Kabbara (03-742131)
Adib Nazih Kabbara
Axana Anatoli Kabbara (03-277695)
Raafat Samir Kabbara
Rabih Samir Kabbara
Hilal Salah-eddine Kabbara
Mehieddine Abdul-Hay Kabbara
Kabbara Agricultural Engineers:
Mowafak Salah El Din Kabbara (03-710878)
Basam Bashir Kabbara (03-682594)
Mohammad Bashir Kabbara (03-931033)
Kabbara Industrial and System Engineers/ Computer and Communication Engineers:
Safwan Abdul Hamid Kabbara (03-648774)
Fawzi Mounzer Kabbara (03-329945)
Radwan Abdul Salam Kabbara (03-394280)
Nizar Husni Kabbara
Tarek Abdul Latif Kabbara (03-648778)
Ghassan Hayate Kabbara
Wadih Nasser Kabbara
Mazen Bassam Kabbara (03-682594)
Safwan Fawzi Kabbara
Rabih Bashir Kabbara (03-257246)
Hamed Saadi Kabbara (03-787024)
Samer Samir Kabbara
Bassem Abdul Rahman Kabbara
Ali Mohammad Kabbara
Mehieddine Abdul Hay Kabbara
Walid Wael Mohammad Kabbara
Youssef Naji Kabbara
Abdallah Abdul-Salam Kabbara
Bassam Bashir Kabbara

Dr. Mounzer Kabbara, former president of the dentistry board during a diamond implantation procedure

Ashraf Kabbara, Former President of the order of Engineers infront of the displaced building model


Few major streets in Tripoli were named after:
  • Salem Kabbara
  • Mohammad Salaheddine Kabbara
  • Ashraf Kabbara
  • Bourhan Kabbara
  • Mounzer Kabbara
  • Abdul Kader Kabbara



National Cedars Medal
The following family members were awarded the National Cedars Medal:
  • Bourhan Kabbara
  • Aman Kabbara
  • Yasser Kabbara
  • Ashraf Kabbara





The following books were known to be published by the below Kabbara family members:

  • Ashraf Kabbara Poetry and Documentary (prepared by his son, Dr. Bassam Kabbara)
  • Abdul Razzak Kabbara Poetry (won the first UNESCO prize for the best literature production in Curacao)
  • Dr. Fawzi Kabbara leadership book (Steps for Success)
  • Dr. Mounzer Kabbara (50 Years of Tourism Around the World)